Hello Gear Heads!

They were gone for a while but they are back!

Street Plugs (TM) are a unique key chain for any motorsport fan.

2 Streetplugs pic=

Made using a real minature spark plugs.

These are assembled by hand in the USA.

I have have finally had time to get back to making Street Plugs and now they are ready for you!

The overall length of the entire key chain is only 1-7/8 inches long (not including the 1" ring).
Streetplug pic=

In comparison, a standard motorcycle sparkplug is 3 inches long.
Streetplug pic=

Street Plugs(TM) are $7.50 each plus $2.50 shipping and handling.
Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii extra. If there is interest outside the US I will look into what airmail would be to your country.

Payment is via paypal. Contact me via email if interested at pamartinson102@yahoo.com

Any questions contact me at pamartinson102@yahoo.com

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